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When these thought leaders were asked how they could help others simplify their lives by giving you their top tips & suggestions, here's what they said...

"The value and results you provide are what pays your bills – time spent planning for your own results pays off 1000X more."
~Michelle Hanton, @dragonsisters

"Piecing together a limitless number of productivity tools creates a virtual symphony of time-saving possibilities."
~Julie Humes, @secondmomentum

"A few minutes a day keeps the chaos away"
~Conny Graf, @imconnygraf

"Do the important things first and get more clients and make more money." 
~Maureen Ross Gemme, @emergeleadership


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Conny Graf

From Chaos to Peace Consulting, Inc.
Clutter Clearing & Organizing for Business Owners

Are you having a hard time focusing on what you want and need to get done in your business because of the mess on your desk and in your office? Visual Clutter competes with your brain's ability to pay attention. The more objects in the visual field, the harder our brain has to work to filter them out, which causes your brain to tire over time and reduces its ability to function.

Download this guide and set your desk and office up for productivity and success with my simple and straight forward framework that helps you to keep your workspace uncluttered. 

PRODUCTIVITY TOOLBOX - 33 Tools to Help You Save Time & Money

Julie Humes

Online Business Success Coach, Second Momentum

When it comes to productivity, are you using all the tools and apps that are available to you? Probably not, since there are way too many to count. But what if you had a list to the most impactful tools on the market? This flipbook-style guide contains all my favorite "go-to" sites -- some very familiar and some not so much.

By using only a handful of the sites listed in this handy guide, you'll have the opportunity to shave minutes, and maybe even hours from your day. That means less overwhelm, and the ability to achieve your all-important TOP 3 daily tasks to move your business forward.


Michelle Hanton OAM

Business Strategist, Dragon Sisters

Feeling frazzled, frustrated and overwhelmed? No longer clear about where you are headed with your business? You are not alone!

Clarity enables productivity. Having a MAP to follow shows you how to achieve your goals. Strategic planning is the first step to creating your map.

If you want a crystal-clear pathway guiding you to move forward with confidence grab my FREE workshop on Strategic Planning. It comes complete with an easy to use workbook. Grab it here to start following your own guiding star. 


Maureen Ross Gemme

Emergy Leadership Academy

Procrastination plagues all of us! More plans go astray, more dreams go unfulfilled and more time and productivity are wasted by procrastination than by any other single factor. For many people, procrastination becomes a harmful habit that can impact their personal and professional development. In this guide you’ll learn why you procrastinate and what you can do to master your self-discipline so you can be more productive. Do the important things first and get more clients and make more money.

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These downloads will disappear on October 18, 2020 at midnight PST.
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