Below is a visual step-by-step process for registering as a new member using the Basic Membership (free) option.

When you try to access a screen that is behind the membership you will receive the following message:

Click on the “Register” button to proceed to the next screen.

At this time there is only one option which is the free Basic Membership Plan. Click the button to “Select.”

You will be asked for basic account information. Fill out all the fields. Make sure to select a Username and Password that you'll easily remember, and secure enough to not have anyone else access your account. Once completed, click the “Submit” button as shown below.

You will be taken to a Welcome page showing your registration is complete. You will also receive a confirmation sent to the email address you used to register. You can now access your Membership account page. Click to view.

You will now notice that at the top of the page is a link to access “My Courses.” Click to go there, where you'll see any courses that have been added for you at the Basic Membership level.

Once you see your available course, click anywhere on the photo or the “See More” button. There is one more step to get started.

The next screen will show that you are not enrolled. Click on the “Login to Enroll” button and your course will become available.

That's it! You are enrolled at the Basic Membership Plan level and should have access to your free course. If you have any questions or issues logging in, please send an email to <admin at>.