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Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

The more I learn about you and your business, the more I can be of service. No business yet? That's fine. We can talk about what you'd like to do and get some clarity. Want laser-focused answers to your burning marketing questions? Then we can discuss that, too. Or maybe you have a brick-and-mortar business and want to discuss taking part or all of it online. We can do that. The 30 minutes (offered only one time per person) is yours to determine the outcome.

Group Coaching Classes

Group coaching is an instructor-led program of varying topics that includes teaching virtually along with a group of your peers. We meet face-to-face using the Zoom conferencing app on a regular basis where I provide you with lessons as outlined in the course curriculum. During our time together online, there is a period for questions and answers after each session. These coaching programs are an opportunity for me to teach in real time, and allows me the opportunity to make sure you understand the content before doing the assignments. Group coaching also allows you to have business-building mentorship without paying one-on-one pricing. All groups will have a dedicated Facebook group for discussion in-between coaching calls.

Coaching programs will open up throughout the year depending on need, and will close once the group is full. Those interested in the next available opening can add their name to the waitlist and will have first priority in the next opening.


It's no secret that traveling the solopreneur journey can be quite daunting and lonely at times. There is so much to learn and so many hats to wear that if you don't have a support system in place, you will find yourself become frustrated and very alone. We can only read so many inspirational memes, right?

By joining a Mastermind you have opportunity to be matched with other entrepreneurs working to develop, monetize and grow their businesses in a sustainable and efficient path. These groups will be handpicked based on level of experience and willingness to give and receive advice in a group setting. 

My Mastermind Groups are for the advanced student who needs accountability in a small group setting. These groups are filled through application only, and participants are matched with others at similar levels. A mastermind takes a high level of commitment and offers dedicated one-on-one advice from both me and a panel of your peers. This is an excellent investment for someone who is looking to fast track their business through help solving each hurdle towards the freedom lifestyle they desire. Please note: Masterminds open only twice a year and not all applications will be accepted if the fit isn't quite there. I will, however, keep your applications on file in case a spot opens up.


Your business is being built and you want to accelerate it to open your doors and start earning income


Your business is up and running and the progress has been slow and unsteady.


Strategic teaching for coaches, consultants and course creators.

Want to get notified when the next spots open up? Click below. You will have the option of completing an application in advance or just receiving an email.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life..”

~Amy Poehler

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Private Coaching & Consulting

Whether you are looking for accelerated coaching one-on-one, business assessments or mentoring for your business, employees or group, private coaching is scheduled based on availability. Need something particular to your business? Contact me using the form below. Once I've reviewed it, you'll be directed to set up a free 30-minute discovery call to select a scheduled time that works best for you.

90-Minute Strategy Coaching Call

This is a 90-minute one-on-one strategy session. Let's take a concentrated look at your business, your marketing, and your sales goals. If you are experiencing a roadblock in moving your business forward, or don't know where to start with a marketing strategy that's right for your business, I can help you move forward. You will be required to complete some information prior to the call so we are able to optimize our time together. I'm interested in hearing the outcome you desire, and am ready to help you put a solid plan in place with a roadmap to achieve your goal. The session will take place on Zoom and will be recorded so you'll have it refer back to when needed. All conversations and information sharing is confidential. Not quite ready yet? I offer one FREE 30-minute discovery call per person or company. If you haven't already booked your FREE call, you can schedule one here..

4-Hour Deep-Dive Business Assessment

Includes four hours of private Zoom calls (2 hours before assessment, 2 hours with a follow-up plan after assessment), a deep-dive questionnaire about your business, analysis and dedicated plan to fix issues and increase profit.

Group Business Coaching, Mentoring & Moderating

Need business or marketing training, or a moderator for a group of employees? Very often I find that internal business problems or issues rarely fix themselves. Bringing in a third party to define, moderate and ultimately de-escalate the problem is the infusion that a business needs. 

Since this type of coaching requires a customization based on your business model and services, please fill out the Private Coaching Form Below.

Julie Humes, Owner & Founder,

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Private Coaching Contact Form

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